Movie Preview: Pride



So I got to preview ‘Pride‘ on Sunday. Its based on the true story of how a group of lesbians and gays supported the striking miners in the Thatcher era.

I loved it, it will make your heart melt in the best way! It just shows important it is for different marginalised groups to stand together. To recognise the common enemy in a way.

My favourite character was Gwen played by Menna Trussler. Gwen wasn’t a particularly major character. However, her character was so accepting and naively funny that I really just loved her. With fab one-liners like:

“DAI! Your gays have arrived…!!” and “Where are my lesbians?”

How could you not?

The film was incredibly well written, funny and witty and really well executed. The movie touches on some very serious issues as well. AIDS is present, homophobia is around the corner and mining communities barely have their daily bread. The movie is about hope, progress and the power of the people. I love love loved the fact that this is a true story. This film is funny, fun, political, emotional, everything. This film is everything.

Pride is out this Friday the 12th (In the UK, 26th in the US). See it, Get the T-shirt, Maybe buy some rainbow laces…

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