Book Review: The Game by Amanda Prowse


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The Game by Amanda Prowse

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare…

Gemma Peters has everything a sixteen year old could want. Two loving parents, a good school, and close friends. Maybe sometimes her parents are a little overbearing, a little too adoring. But that’s the same for all teenagers, right?

Then, on the night of the school play, happy-go-lucky Gemma disappears without a trace. Where has she gone? Why has she been lying to her family? And, most importantly, will she ever come home?

A short story exclusive from bestselling author Amanda Prowse.

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My Thoughts:


***2 Stars***

This is a novella. The start of the story is really good and we get into the main crux of things pretty quickly. The author explored the feelings of the mum and dad very well. It would have been good to get to know the sister a bit too. There was no proper back story covering why the main character (Gemma) left home. She really only told one lie as far as we know, and we aren’t told why. The author does not properly explore the feelings of the main character. 

The end. <<<< That’s literally what just happened. The book ended. I know it was a short story but yeeesh!! Reads a bit like someone had a deadline. Once again it would have been good to explore Gemma’s feelings and understand how her mind processed her environments and the thoughts that lead to her decisions. 

If I hadn’t read other Novellas that felt a bit more complete, I’d potentially be put off them after reading this one. Novellas tend to leave me wanting more, but this one left way too much to be desired.

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