Movie Chat: Gone Girl


Went to see this movie on Wednesday (Orange wednesdays Yaay). It was packed, we were all in for a treat! As soon as the movie was over, I had one major thought.

I soooo wish I had read the book!

I probably will still read it. The writing was absolutely amazing. There was so much Sh*t you just didn’t see coming. If you haven’t seen the film or read the book, Leave Now.. its so much nicer to have your mind blown mid film/book.

On the surface its just an amazingly well written plot, that will grip you and leave you dumbfounded afterwards.

On a deeper level, I can’t decide whether its an extremely dangerous idea to put out there in terms of how women are viewed in society. She lied about being raped. She stole sperm?! falsely accused her husband of domestic violence, faked a pregnancy! I mean yikes. I saw the film with a male friend, and  these are like the biggest crazy A** bitch fears men have. It’d be a shame if this film gave them a reference point.

On the other hand, the ridiculously smart, calculating criminal mastermind that essentially gets away with it… is a woman. The part of the super villain often goes to men. Yes, its evil. But both men and women can be evil. Whilst watching the film, I commented that ‘Amazing’ Amy Dunne would be a good scientist. Her attention to detail was simply well… amazing. So perhaps its a one up for equal rights? Equal rights, equally innocent, equally evil.

Either way, thanks for the mindf*ck Gillian Flynn.

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