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Book Review: The Adventure of The Busts of Eva Perón



Goodreads Description:

1975. The cusp of Argentina’s Dirty War. The magnate Tamerlán has been kidnapped by guerrillas, demanding a bust of Eva Perón be placed in all ninety-two offices of his company. The man for the job: Marroné. His mission: to penetrate the ultimate Argentinian mystery—Eva Perón, the legendary Evita.
Carlos Gamerro’s novel is a caustic and original take on Argentina’s history.

Carlos Gamerro is one of the best-known and most highly regarded contemporary Argentine writers. Born in 1962, he has published six works of fiction, including the novels The Islands (2014, And Other Stories) andAn Open Secret (2011).








My Thoughts:

***4 stars***


The Adventure of The Busts of Eva Perón originally written in Spanish by Argentine writer Carlos Gamerro is hilarious political satire. A novel centred on a subdued family and businessman, Ernesto Marrone, with no real political stance who is inadvertently thrust into guerrilla politics.


The adventure begins when the CEO of Tamerlan and sons is kidnapped by a guerrilla group and along with ransom money, they demand that a bust of Eva Perón the symbol of emancipation at that time in Argentina (1975), be placed in all 92 Tamerlan and sons construction offices.


As head of procurement, Marrone, a man who models his life on business texts like Sun Tzu’s The Art of War must begin the acquisition of his life. When he finds himself in the position of hostage in the very factory he was to source the busts, Marrone must decide if the principles from texts such as Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People can be applied to non-bourgeois workers, and just how far he will go to get those busts. Marrone is a bumbling, ultimately selfish unlikely hero whose allegiance is torn between his humble birth and bourgeois upbringing but will he save the day?


Carlos Gamerro provides a comical glimpse into a slice of Argentina’s political past. Here we have an entertaining, absorbing, thought-provoking piece of literature with a lovable protagonist.

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I haven’t read a Goosebumps book since my childhood, which makes sense since its meant for children. This book wasn’t as good as I remember goosebumps books to be. Too many false alarms, felt like there was a scream on every page. Definitely too old to be reading the Goosebumps series! Will definitely read it to my nieces and nephews though.