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Book Review: Root of the Tudor Rose




***4 stars***

Root of the Tudor rose is the debut novel of Mari Griffith. The story of the origin of the Tudor dynasty is told from the viewpoint of Catherine De Valois, an important woman who history sometimes glosses over. We read of her journey from the young French princess to the wife of Henry V – Queen of England. After the unexpected death of her husband, the queen mother seeks solace in the arms of a wondrous Welshman. Their friendships progresses, and evolves into the love affair that gave rise to Britain’s most well-known dynasty.

Catherine De Valois’ beauty is initially the main focus, but we soon learn that although vulnerable, she is also intelligent and strong willed. Although she is pigeon-holed by the ruling men, and prevented from contributing to the upbringing of her eldest son. She manages to find some happiness in raising two of her children for some time, before death finds her.

The novel is easy to read and captivating, we are taken through the life of Catherine Valois at a brilliant pace. Mari Griffith’s descriptive talents bring history to life, making this book a page turner.

As a reader with very little historical knowledge in this area, I found the story intriguing enough to prompt more exploration of the Tudors and I believe this has much to do with the quality of work that Mari has produced.

Happy Reading