Monthly Archives: December 2017



This is an invitation, you’re invited

To discuss the current Libyan crisis

People who look like me and you are being sold as slaves

and I hope you agree that’s not okay.

Have you ever heard or said these words?

Something along the lines of…

‘Had I lived in slavery times, I would have said something. Did something, man you know that shit just wouldn’t bang’

But those times are back – they never left

After you heard the news…

An anecdote at a party? Maybe a post on facebook, insta, twitter?

What did you do next?

Keep scrolling? Keep strolling through your life? Calm.

Like there’s no storm coming,

like the storm isn’t. already. here.

400 dollars, that’s the price of an African.

Right now, in December 2017

Three hundred and two pounds and forty six pence

That becomes your worth if you ‘choose’ to scale that fence.

Jump from your pan of poverty, unemployment and war

Into the fiery pit of slavery

Three hundred and two pounds and forty six pence

Get you a used car, a mid-range laptop

Or a young woman, who looks just. like. me.

You think because its happening to them it doesn’t affect you?

You think ’cause they are slaves it doesn’t affect how society approaches you?

Like their chains don’t frame your societal view, how society views you?

For as long as they are enslaved, you are a second-class citizen, this is some serious shit we’re in

Cos if they can’t sell you whole they’ll sell you in pieces, your heart, your voice, your sense self too.

You know how in all the movies you’ve got to be uber careful – the slightest act could change the entire future?

But you’re sat in the future past, this present. Yet you don’t think that little act, just signing a petition could change the future?

Listen, I’m pleading… at least, sign the petition.