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Clowns Shoes By Rebecca F. John




***4 stars***


Clown’s shoes is the captivating collection of short stories brought to us from the mind of Swansea writer Rebecca F. John.

She showcases seemingly ordinary people living out extraordinary situations with each story taking the form of a snapshot in the timeline of each characters life. We see snippets of lives that are full of disappointments, tragedy, love, loss and disguised blessings. In this collection we walk with characters that despite all of life’s hardships, are full of hope.

The author’s descriptions are powerful and the omission of a name for some characters made it easier for me as a reader to stand in their place, to feel in their place.

The stories are tantalisingly dark yet optimistic, an incredible combination to achieve and I was definitely left wanting more.

Happy Reading



I haven’t read a Goosebumps book since my childhood, which makes sense since its meant for children. This book wasn’t as good as I remember goosebumps books to be. Too many false alarms, felt like there was a scream on every page. Definitely too old to be reading the Goosebumps series! Will definitely read it to my nieces and nephews though.