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Friday Finds #8


Friday Finds is a weekly book meme hosted by Should be Reading.

  • Revival By Stephen King



‘In one way, at least, our lives are like movies. The main cast consists of your family and friends. The supporting cast is made up of neighbours, co-workers, teachers and daily acquaintances…

But sometimes a person who fits none of these categories comes into your life…

When I think of Charles Jacobs – my fifth business, my change agent, my nemesis – I can’t bear to believe his presence in my life had anything to do with fate…’

Got a brand new book to review for Buzz Magazine! So excited to be doing this again. Got a choice of a few books, and I went for the new Stephen King novel that’s getting released this month (11th). Below the crisp dust jacket is a bright yellow hardback. I got overly excited when I unwrapped this baby. Can’t wait to get stuck in!