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Have you ever been house hunting?

It feels much like hydrocephalus without any shunting

You’ve got the headache, the confusion and you hope for the memory loss

As you poke round stranger’s rooms, you smell the smegma and lol, is that moss?

Oh wait! It’s that classic teenage boy scent, on a man who’s well past his adolescence.


The agent tells you its charming, although the pictures don’t quite correlate

Never has an agent been more inadvertently right, the pictures are essentially bait.

They say pictures are worth 1000 words,

I say pictures hide 1000 turds

They hide the mould, the clutter, and the fact that your neighbour is probably a nutter.

But still we soldier on, undeterred

Because we need a place to rest our heads, from 2nd year into 3rd.


House Hunting

Medication Review


When the meds are more than a mouthful, or its all getting a bit stressful

A medication review may be fruitful.

But I don’t know what a medication review is you say, well thanks for being truthful!

So the patients got drugs one to twenty eight, are they all still appropriate?

Medication efficiency depends on usage, so you gotta check they’re on the right dosage

Dosage is sorted? So what’s next? Well, are there any side effects?

Drugs can need the right storage, in the fridge or next to the porridge?

These are all questions you’ve got to ask, a medication review can be a mighty task.

If the patient is rather old and frail, or their meds look at home in a pail,

A med review might be useful

If they’ve just become an outpatient or their meds are kind of a toxic agent

A med review might be useful

If they’ve got a special psychiatry need, a med review might be useful indeed.

A med review should be done, not just by anyone

But by a doctor pharmacist or nurse, to avoid making things any worse.

A med review may help, to reduce unnecessary therapy

Which might result in a patient that’s a whole lot more happy

A med review might improve concordance

By making things less of a song and dance!

I hope you get the feeling

That a med review can be handy

It goes hand in hand with healing

To ensure your patient is fine and dandy.